Mikronik SX Ultra Parallel

Magnetic Sensor for Accurate Leveling and Door Zone Detection

“Easy Set-Up, Long Life”

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  • Used with U-STO and SX ULTRA
  • Single contactless sensor for accurate car leveling and door unlocking zone detection
  • Contains 20 magnetic detectors
    – 18 detectors for leveling   
    – 2 detectors for door zone
  • Easy plug-in connection thanks to the CanBus interface
    – Advantages obtained when MP-20 is used with SX ULTRA and U-STO
    – No need to employ separate sensors or switches for leveling and door zone detection
    – Car level adjustment can be performed in the car
    – Increased leveling accuracy
    – Increased re-leveling accuracy
  • Leveling adjustment in positice and negative directions
  • Detection of car movement via internal acceleration sensor and depiction of the travel profile  (soon)
  • Certified for shock and vibration resistance

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