Double Action Lift Car Disinfection System

It is calculated that UV-ALD disinfects 99.99% of COVID-19 viruses at a distance of 100 cm in approximately 2.5 minutes.

UV-ALD has the capacity to circulate the air in a 8-person / 630kg lift car in approximately 3.5 minutes.

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A lift car can be disinfected from all types of germs (viruses, bacteria, fungi, etc) by UVC light. The germs on the surfaces of the car and in the air can be killed by a UVC lamp installed in the car, or the air in the car can be disinfected by circulating it in front of a UVC lamp. 

But, UVC light may be dangerous for human beings. It may cause retina damage by direct exposure of eyes. It is also thought that exposure to UVC light increases the risk of skin cancer. Fortunately, with the UV-ALD system it is possible to disinfect the elevator car without these risks.

The system consists of a UV-DCM module and a sufficient number of UV-ALD luminaires according to the size of the lift car. The UV-DCM is designed to control the disinfection procedure of the lift car by turning on and off the germicidal UVC lamp in the car to provide a safe operation. It turns on the UVC lamp only when there is nobody in the car and when the door is closed. 

In addition, the UV-ALD system absorbs the air in the cabin with the fan on it, disinfects it with the second UVC lamp inside the luminaire and blows it back into the cabin through the other fan. In this way, it continues to disinfect the air while there are passengers in the car and provides continuous disinfection. 

  • Compatible with all elevators. It can also be applied to old elevators.
  • The disinfection process is perfomed by original ozone-free UVC lamps by PHILIPS ®.
  • Safely turns on / off the UVC lamp, which disinfects the cabinet directly. 
  • Incorporates additional monitoring function to prevent the lamp from being constantly on. 
  • Monitors the car light to control the UVC lamp.  
  • Makes sure that the car door is closed to turn on the UVC lamp.
  • The additional control input can be used to control the UVC lamp or for other functions.
  • Error relay output: When an error is detected in the contacts that turn the UVC lamp on and off, this relay is activated and the lamp is not turned on.
  • Disinfection time with direct light can be set up to 60 minutes via the module. 
  • UVC lamp lifetime counter: The total on-time of the lamp is counted. When the lamp  approaches the end of its lifetime, the STATUS LED on the module flashes, warning about the lamp replacement.
  • Status relay: This relay is energized as long as the lamp that gives direct UVC light to the car is on. 
  • CAN-Bus connection to compatible lift controllers for advanced functions and features, and for remote monitoring.

“PHILIPS ® Ozone-free”
®PHILIPS is a registered trademark of “Koninklijke Philips N.V”.

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