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Easy Connections With Plug-in Connectors

On-board Music and Voice Announce Module in the Car

Thanks to the SD card slot on the board in the COP, voice announcement and music broadcast in the car is possible.

Mik-el SC24 COP Card With Serial Communicaiton

  • To be used up to 24 stops,
  • Gray/Binary Code outputs for COP indicator,
  • Direction arrow outputs,
  • Inputs and outputs for car call buttons,
  • Terminals for intercom or phone connections,
  • Input for attendant switch,
  • Inputs for door open and door close buttons,
  • Over-load warning signal output,
  • Terminals for emergency illumination,
  • Terminals for car fan and fan led,
  • Terminals for alarm button,
  • Terminals for announcement loudspeaker,
  • Short-circuit protected outputs,
  • 2 programmable inputs and outputs

Mivox COP with Serial Communication

  • Full height and half height COP alternatives,
  • Dot-matrix and TFT LCD display versions,
  • Easy and simple commissioning thanks to the “Plug’n’Play“ feature,
  • Internal intercom module

Easy Connections With Plug-in Connectors

Smart LOP identification

All LOPs are automatically addressed thanks to the exclusive LOP identification technique by Mik-el. No manual settings are required.

Rich Choice of LOPs

Choices of LOPs with Dot-matrix, 7-segment and TFT LCD displays for simplex and duplex lifts.


Mik-el LOP Cards with Serial Communication SL14, SL160

  • Serial communication compatible floor cards with on-board indicators and terminals for call buttons to be installed in to the LOPs of different brands.
  • Dot-matrix (SL160), 2×7 segment (SL14) display versions,
  • Single button and double button alternatives for simplex and duplex lifts,

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